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  • DonatoHD dodał(a) komentarz

    Betterdiscord ist nicht erlaubt

  • DonatoHD utworzył(a) wpis

    Menu further to the left

    English: Couldn't you do it by pushing the whole menu a little further to the left so that you can write out the words?   German: Könnt ihr es nicht so machen, dass das ga...

  • DonatoHD utworzył(a) wpis

    New Chat Feature

    ATTENTION: Unfortunately I speak bad english, that's why this text has been translated with google translated. Spelling mistakes can be included! You know it yourself, you do NOT enter a link, only...

  • DonatoHD utworzył(a) wpis

    new button in the menu

    (I use google translator, spelling errors can be obtained)   please make a button called "groups" and when clicking on a list will appear from all groups DMs   ----->

  • DonatoHD utworzył(a) wpis

    New feature for "News Channel"

    (Warning, I use google translate, it may have spelling errors)   You could add something for the "news / announcement" channels: You should be able to add a role to a news channel, and all users wi...

  • DonatoHD dodał(a) komentarz

    in what way do you abuse? It has as I said a permission

  • DonatoHD dodał(a) komentarz

    no? xD

  • DonatoHD utworzył(a) wpis

    Gold Badges

    (I use google translator) I think all HypeSquad Balance users who have donated at least $ 100 to keep their gold badges forever. The month of January was now for all HypeSquad Balance users, and I ...