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    Claiming a Nitro Gift FAQ

    Important Notes:- Before claiming a gift, make sure you are logged in the correct Discord account on the desktop/browser version of the app!- If you accidentally claimed the gift on the wrong accou...

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    Mobile Screenshare FAQ

    Note: - If you don't see this feature on your mobile device yet, make sure that your app has been fully updated in the App Store or Google Play Store!- Unfortunately, screensharing on iPads is not ...

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    Keyboard Navigation FAQ

    Note:- Keyboard Navigation is only available on the desktop and browser app. These navigation settings will not work in the mobile apps.  Whether you rely on your keyboard to use your desktop, or y...

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    Naklejki FAQ

    Stan na 17 grudnia, 2020:- Opcja jest obecnie dostępna tylko w Brazylii, Kanadzie i Japonii w ramach ograniczonego dostępu! Stopniowo będziemy zwiększać liczbę osób, które uzyskają dostęp, żeby zeb...

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    View as Role FAQ

    As a server owner or admin, it can sometimes be really hard to tell what the effect is going to be when you change roles and perms in your server, With the View as Role feature, you can get a bette...

  • Potato utworzył(a) artykuł

    Server Member Cap Increases 

    As Discord communities grow, it is important that the server is supported properly by moderation teams and are providing safe environments for their community.  In order to support this goal, we ha...

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    Enabling Your Community Server

    Communities are an essential part of Discord, and we’re making it a core responsibility for us to serve communities and create first-class experiences for both administrators and members. If you ru...

  • Potato utworzył(a) artykuł

    Getting Started on Mobile

    What Does This Article Cover?  If this is your first time creating a Discord account on your Android or iOS device, this guide below will help walk you through the steps of creating your account an...

  • Potato utworzył(a) artykuł

    Video & Screenshare Updates - Multistream and More!

    Note: These new changes are only available on the desktop client!  There’s been some major power-ups added into Discord in order to allow you to watch all your friends’ streams in one view, and qu...

  • Potato utworzył(a) artykuł

    [Known Issue] Nag Bar Notification Not Closing (6/19/20)

    On June 19 at 11:45AM (PST), our team became aware of a bug with the recent nag bar on the top of our app not being dismiss-able/not closing when pressing the (x). Our team immediately pushed out a...