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  • YouthTeenager utworzył(a) wpis

    English Only Guideline

    Why does discord allow this rule to exist within servers? I thought that language was a protected class for basic human rights? Isn't that what national/social origin is? Can someone please explain...

  • YouthTeenager utworzył(a) wpis

    Role Categories

    I bring the idea of role categories. Who's tired of making so many discords because you don't want a clutter of roles inside your discord? I am! We should add role categories, they work like the ch...

  • YouthTeenager dodał(a) komentarz

    Despite the fact that the historical meaning of it historically? You're gonna call them racist? White people were proven to have made the word, why do you get to say it and not us? That's what I do...

  • YouthTeenager utworzył(a) wpis

    Select All in Permission Menu

    Make it so we can select all permissions at once, and turn them on or off as we wish instead of having to go through every single by itself.. It gets annoying sometimes.