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  • Inverted Days and Months

    Add an option to change dates on old messages from MM/DD/YY to DD/MM/YYYY, it is sometimes easier to read it as such for some people depending on their countries and how they write it.

  • Make notification make a sound whenever you get a message after you reply

    In the new update for Notifications (Possibly still on beta/alpha) Discord doesn't clear notification after you hit reply and send a message, instead it shows what you sent (And replaces the photo ...

  • Account Recovery

    having an option for discord whenever you have 2FA active, logged out and lost the verfying app, and haven't saved the backup codes, have an option where the account can be recovered by possibly ge...

  • Adding a way to add recorders to Streamer Mode

    Since whenever you open OBS or StreamX Streamer mode gets turned on automatically, maybe add an option for us to use other recorders so whenever a said application is open streamer mode turns on.

  • The ability of all admins deleting each other messages

    I think admins with higher roles shouldn't have their messages deleted but lower ones, like kicking and banning. especially if you're the owner of the server.

  • Latest Change of "unread messages"

    I would like to ask to revert back to previous version where it puts you at the end of the channel, and it clears the unread message top bar, possibly it might be annoying if you just changed chann...

  • Syncing the Games in game activity and Changing the Launcher location

    It's kinda annoying that everytime you install Discord, you have to re-add all the games, specially the ones that aren't verified, back. and if you had special names to them, you have to re-name th...

  • Automatic speaker enable/disable option (PHONES)

    Right now you can enable having a speaker in a call if you go to settings, sometimes you don't want the speaker because you want to put your phone against your ears, so why not doing it like a norm...

  • Discord Alpha/Canary suggestion

    Sometimes a Discord Alpha version goes up with a bunch of bugs making Discord unusable or at least missing a feature, same goes to Canary. Other times, for bug hunters, sometimes reports have a ver...

  • Syncing settings

    Can we have our settings Synced to our accounts? Upon logging out some settings (especailly back button opens drawer) gets auto-closed but some doesn't (like theme or dev mode) so why not sync all ...