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  • Sean utworzył(a) wpis

    Security Key

    As the platform continues to grow and more high profile people join Discord, it would be a fantastic feature to enable the support for the security keys such as Google's Titan Security Key or the Y...

  • Sean utworzył(a) wpis

    Group tabs

    Basically, what I mean by a group chats tab is that our dms are not filtered between group chats and private dms with people. I suggest the idea of a group chats tab where if we click the "Groups" ...

  • Sean dodał(a) komentarz

    A year later when this was posted and there's no integration. This is a crucial feature for streamers so they don't have to tab out of what they're doing, they can just press the designated key to...

  • Sean dodał(a) komentarz

    To be honest, we need more customisation overall. Every profile looks the same, only difference is the name, the tags and the profile picture and the notes. I want to request a feature where we are...

  • Sean dodał(a) komentarz

    I'd like to see this become a feature for all users, not just nitro so every server has a higher limit than 50. I do wanna ask the pin limit to be 350 - 500, in my opinion because of how quick pins...

  • Sean dodał(a) komentarz

    This is not a want. This is a need for massive servers that are in Discord!