Likes to Slurp on tropical slush while listening on something cool, Discord its life! Easily create now Server from server Templates all it needs now its Role Templates! Likes everything about Discord anything from logo's to icon's, likes they short video on YouTube but that likes the most its Wumpus his so friendly! Likes to hold on to specific servers and friends Pronouns is He/Him! HypeSquad is Bravery!

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  • Discord Theme for Firefox Mozilla Brownser

    feedback to the Discord Team! Discord Team making extensions for themes has appearance color Dark, Light that can be used in browsers Chrome, Firefox.

  • Roles Templates

    there was a time where something cool was added on the discord server settings for setting up Roles with has Templates and later removed all can show its this picture.

  • Extra customizable to intergraded server bot AutoMod

    - Stickers Cooldown: Sticker spam detects when multiple stickers are getting sent within 10 seconds.- Link Cooldown: Detects when a user sends too many links every x seconds.- Spoilers: Detects tex...

  • Clone Discord Server Roles

    having cool Feedback to Discord Team to about Clone Discord Server Roles that mean by that its similar to when using Clone Channel option or make Server Template at Server Setting, for Clone Channe...

  • edit ban reason in bans

    timeout, kick and ban members can often happens with common default reasons "No reason provided" without option to edit later in "bans" unless creating mess in "audit log" unban/re-ban with reasons...