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  • allow users to send badges as emotes

    Allow users who are in hypesquad, bought nitro, boost a server, etc to send their badges as if they were emotes

  • ending a multi line quote

    if you do `>>>text` you get a multi line quote. It'd be nice if we could close it with `<<<` so we can have text after it without that being a quote. This would also work together with Scrummer's ...

  • Multiple desktop versions

    It would be cool to have a few more options when it comes to how the desktop app works. Some people might have a less powerful PC but want to pay games anyway. Others might have a lot of spare stor...

  • More customization options

    Udzielono odpowiedzi

    Allow more customization options, like -more server organization -server folders -double/triple server bar -better home screen with quick navigation -themes The more server organization pa...

  • show memberlist when opening server list and vice versa

    it would be nice to have a screen where I can open both member list and server/channel list on bigger screens (eg tablet)

  • System-wide overlay

    sometimes you just want to switch between apps all the time. when doing this you can't have the overlay on all the time. it would be really nice if we could have system wide overlay so we can check...

  • view messages externally

    being able to view messages of servers you're in without using bots would be nice.