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  • Link Discord Bots to a server

    I think we should allow the creator of a bot to link a specific server to it. This could be easily utilized to give support to anybody who needs help using the bot, and wouldn't know how to get sup...

  • Server Templates

    In my opinion, it would be cool if you could create a server and export it as a file. (MyServerTemplate.wumpus) This way, other people could download your template as a starting point and it would ...

  • Server Shops

    Nobody really suggests this because bots exists, but it would be awesome to have an official shop for Discord Servers! Here's how I would do it: You can create/edit a server shop through the server...

  • Update server invites for servers with a banner

    As someone who messes around with Game Development, I saw that the rich presence invites look super cool. They have an image on the right that slowly fades into a gray screen with a join button. Bu...

  • Add "anybody can add this role" permission to roles.

    This is a really simple feature to add! This would help if you only want to send newsfeed to a specific role but can't use bots and doesn't want to get dozens of DMs asking for the role.

  • Increased Emoji Count for Nitro

    Udzielono odpowiedzi

    My idea is that while you have Nitro, you can get an extra 10-50 slots for normal and animated emojis. This would only work for one server that you have the Manage Emojis permission on. (Possibilit...

  • Renovate Server Discovery

    Okay, so this might be a little crazy but hear me out. We've all seen Server Discovery, right? Easy way to find new discord games or communities you may be interested in. The problem is this only a...

  • Lifetime Nitro Classic

    This may sound a little confusing at first, but let me explain. If we could possibly buy Nitro Classic (not Nitro Nitro, but Nitro Classic) for life, that would be amazing. It would probably be rea...