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  • A real block feature.

    People have been begging for this for a long time now.The current block feature is not a real block feature. It merely spoilers someone's posts and that's all it does. They can still see what I wri...

  • Message deletion

    Hi! I want to be able to have all my messages deleted from a server I'm no longer a member of.  I am forced to submit a request for the right to be forgotten according to GDPR article 17, which I w...

  • Disable Nitro features locally.

    Hello, Discord Nitro has so many overwhelming, turbulent visual features. Those new super reactions, spinny avatars with stuff flying on them, GIF headers, stickers, unreadable profiles and so much...

  • How to keep the site English?

    Hello, Sorry if this has already been asked but Google refuses to co-operate. How do I change the website's language and keep it that language? I keep changing it to English but it won't stay. The ...