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  • Remove the gif link

    many people know the annoying Discord link it's annoying and would be funnier without a link.

  • Custom emojis for direct messages

    I realised I would like custom emojis when I talk in direct messages there's inside jokes or images only I and the other person knows.

  • Simpler create bot

    Lots of people want to make bots and don't know how to code or don't have the time. What if you could design your own bot for your server?

  • Reply comments

    Every time someone ask's a question or something I feel like talking to him personally on the Discord server it would be nice also sometimes I want to say something to that person but, still want t...

  • Voice filters

    I realised it would be nice different voice filters like a robot voice... Also a filters when you call someone.

  • Reply comments

    Many times I want to talk to a certain person on the discord server or reply to him but, we can't so why not.