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  • emmahyde dodał(a) komentarz

    Nahuel Arjona thank you for this post - I am using https://github.com/rauenzi/BetterDiscordApp to implement these changes. thanks to CapPiratePenguin for the settings.json change, and of course mat...

  • emmahyde dodał(a) komentarz

    I've commented on the above posted link by Troy with a recommendation for popout chat. This is a massive necessity for me, the entire discord window is very large and those of us with smaller scree...

  • emmahyde dodał(a) komentarz

    Either collapsible sidebar, or a solution of popout chat, which I am surprised to see isn't at the top of the list in this feedback forum. Popout chat is seen in the overlay, and video can be poppe...

  • emmahyde dodał(a) komentarz

    Being able to pop out a text chat (which is seen in the overlay in the pin functionality, although the overlay requires that only 1 be pinned; also seen in the video pop out) would fix this entire ...