Just a lone traveler making suggestions.

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  • Group Chat Sorting

    I think there should be a separate section for group chats in Discord's selection between Friends & Nitro. Just a way to separate both different types of messaging and have it more organized. Maybe...

  • badges.

    So this idea is like a achievements. so like send a message to more than 50 people that are friends with you or have a discord account for more than 2 years. And then where it says "mutual friends ...

  • More than just discord light and black

    Hello, So a while ago this idea popped into my head. And first of all that would be cool to add to Discord. Maybe add like a colour wheel?

  • combined status (the icons on the bottom right of your PFP)

    So what I mean by this is mostly directly to the DO NOT DISTURB icon, the idea is that it there would be the do not disturb logo, and next to It would be a IDLE logo, like to say if you where AFK a...

  • Custom nicknames for your friends. (only you can see)

    I have an idea of making custom nicknames for your friends. For example, lets say you have a friend that changes his name a lot, and you sometimes don't know if its him or isn't, then you could giv...

  • a way to sort your friends out.

    So at first I thought this was an actual feature but realized it wasn't. The idea is to be able to drag peoples usernames on your latest DM's and put them in a pacific location. Like say you have f...