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  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    Bug report (mobile android)

    Searching feature often bugging not showing tips and showing nothing after searching

  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    emoji tab (android)

    when scrolling through emojis, there's a tab on the bottom showing where the emojis are from (from which servers) on android, this tab doesn't display correctly when there are servers with only a f...

  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    mobile discord VC (android)

    mobile discord on android can't connect to VCs from certain servers that have lots of members

  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    mobile discord share option (android)

    when sharing a content from another app you normally get sent to a sharing section to select the channel or dm to share the content. if the button to send is pressed multiple times during the loadi...

  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    mobile discord status bug

    custom status from mobile discord not working when entering the same status twice, also sometimes disappearing.

  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    mobile discord permission bug

    permission for "camera" is asked when not necessary (ex: selecting server picture)

  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    bug report

    mobile discord can't join VC channels on certain servers

  • soup utworzył(a) wpis

    Mobile android discord app bug

    Custom status not working and impossible to put from app