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  • Add the option to gift Classic again

    Why the hell would you remove this? It's just a loss of potential profit.

  • Set default API version to v9 or above

    I seriously don't understand why you guys continue to use such an outdated version of the Discord API. v6? Really? It's nearly discontinued! Yes, I am aware this does not matter as much, but it is ...

  • Faster save times for roles

    Writing to a database should not take an entire minute for one role.

  • Excessive rate-limit on emojis

    I'm probably not the first to say this and won't be the last, lower the rate limit on emojis. I and many others hate the fact that the emojis pop right back up after deleting them. I recommend dele...

  • Allow bots to message you option

    Asking this because if I disable "Allow server members to private message me" option, bots can't message me. I'm thinking that these should be seperated. For example: "Allow server bots to message...