Take off age restriction


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  • Macarof

    Hello community user,

    Sorry but just no, you don't have the require age to see this. The NSFW pop up is here to prevent the young community that is the channel you can have XXX or Weird gif or text or image so if you search the Por*hub  discord it's not a problem because you want to have access to it but in a general server you can have a NSFW channel than you don't want to see what is in there. So it's for that the pop up to prove than you have more than 18 it's here. 

    Have a great day on discord, and see u later 

  • KissMyAshe

    ok but it doesn’t make sense, I mean the problem is not the pop up, the pop up is ok, it advise you that the content you are going to see there is lewd. But why to change my birth date I have to show my ID card? Although if I create a new account and say I’m 18+ I don’t have to prove anything and I can just go trough nsfw channels? I know ID card is required to make sure that you are 18+, but it doesn’t make sense if I can just bypass it by creating a new account. I can even show my parents permission if you need one, otherwise I’ll just use my parents ID but that would be annoying.
    Maybe it’s just for some legal purpose? Idk


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