Green bar on top while watching a stream


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  • Hikmet

    This green bar is very annoying and serves no purpose.

  • Sk_Tashrik

    The green bar is annoying as it is and on top of that it continuously blinks to distract from the content your watching.


  • Ser_𝓣αყҽϝᏰᎴקɾσ

    Just Remove it and let us enjoy mobile streaming

  • limonade

    The bar is annoying and it moved the stream down to be covered by the iOS home bar. For game streams it just gets in the way of vital or important information. Please get rid of this green bar or at least have the decency to make the home bar to go transparent after a few seconds

  • Kevindgs01

    A lot of people are reporting how this green bar is a waste of screen space and they seem not to even care about it. I hope they remove it on a next update.

  • Мария

    Bar is really annoying. Would be nice if it's removed. Or at least you can just add an option to make it hidden.

  • Thisisme953

    The bar is so bright and in the way. Please remove it or make it an option

  • Dixie Schroeder

    I was just going to make a post about this. It’s bright and also I want full screen, not full screen and also a bar that tells me what I already know.


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