[Request] [Advanced User] Linux Go Live - Audio - Need separate input stream for Stream


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  • Ebiko

    Heya -This Post is 2 MOnths old right now  - when is it going to be published ?? 

    Its still wating for approval, and 2 months is quite long 

    Edit: For those reading later, this post got flagged for I don't know which reason 

    It were stuck in waiting for approval for 4 months now 

    Today , 02nd  April it finally went through - after I wrote the support about it. 

  • Alexander Bulbashenko

    As I understand it, we won't get any feedback for this post, but it's a pity ...

  • Ebiko

    Sadly no

    But I guess they are trying to add it in the background , since they added the feature to Apple as well, just a bit ago (i guess a month )

  • HighFarler

    I do hope discord does fix this, it makes a lot of rhythm game streams so difficult.


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