Is there a way to hide connections from blocked people/only show to friends?


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  • Shifter

    I totally agree. A friends-only option for connections should honestly have been included automatically.

  • quackerduck

    +1 to this suggestion. I'm honestly surprised this isn't part of Discord by default. Seems like such a silly oversight to something that can significantly increase protection and privacy. Hopefully this will be looked at some time in the future.

  • Tony Soprano

    Came to post this as a new topic, will bump this one. Looking to connect more with friends on Discord, hate joining a new server and getting doxxed.

  • Ebiko

    Definitely bumping this one.
    This is a must have.

    Like privacy settings.
    Eventually for each server you are in.

    Like, on my private friends discord i am fine with showing my connections / linked accounts. On a public discord with tons of members, i am not.

  • Watermxlon

    I completely agree

  • seven

    totally agree this is completely agree



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