New Gift Nitro Button


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  • Zelda

    Or make an option in settings that allows you to select what this "extra button" should be

    The camera button
    The gift button
    (Something else in the future like stickers?)

  • Montkey

    They really put it there on purpose and I am not happy

  • Zelda

    I know they are a business and have to make money but muscle memory kills me because I used the camera white often

  • Montkey

    Exactly like sorry I don't want to burn 10 dollars for no reason

  • theredFauqz

    I'm very annoyed by this as well. Please replace the buttons to how they were before. Nitro gifting in the settings menu was a fine place.

  • weakNPCdotCom

    This is really stupid. I don't mind it being there since there isn't an easy way to gift on mobile, but don't put it where the attachment button was. please at least swap their positions

  • phuzekiwi

    I always click on the gift button now. It is terrible and a waste of time. How many people do you think are going to gift things more? How much money do you think people have. I would recommend making it possible to rearrange the buttons so people can choose. For me the previous arrangement was perfect. Please revert or add the ability to arrange yourself.

  • Akino

    For the love of God, please remove this button.

    I'm not going to gift subs to people, I'm a broke college student. I already have Nitro for myself and stuff like this just makes me want to cancel.

    We don't need to be reminded that Nitro gifting is a thing, shoving it in my face and putting it where my muscle memory opens the send image selector is irritating and predatory. 

    On top of just being annoying that this button exists in the first place, phones are getting bigger by the year, and it's a big stretch to reach all the way to the left of the screen with your thumb to tap the image button now. And I have huge hands...


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