Rules Screening Fix


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  • Skellitor301 VA

    Not all communities do this, so this would be for specific cases. Not to mention the @member role is generally used as the gate into the server, where this removes the need to set that up. The point of the community solution was to make sure there was a physical interaction to agree to the rules, whether it be by entering a command or reacting to a post with a certain reaction. Then, you are given the key to enter the server via a role. I would agree if this role served other purposes, but it doesn't. It's a way to auto sort people who agree to gain access and people who rarely (if at all) don't and just sit there at the rules page.

    I would recommend not having more than one interactive rooms for new people if you're trying to have people agree to the rules of the server, that just gives people who don't want to agree a chance to avoid the rules with others who don't want to read them, giving you and your admin/mod team more unnecessary work. The basic rules page, do this if you agree to them after you read, is a good option. At least then if someone breaks a rule, they don't have the option to say "I didn't know that was a rule".

  • captests

    I fully agree with Shad. Not being able to grant a specific role upon agreeing to the rules is quite bluntly short-sighted and lacking in user experience.


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