Integrate existing rules channel into the new rules screening feature


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  • [ᴏᴄ] Bowser17

    Imo, for now, it is perfect as it is. You can further "develop" your rules in the rules channel, so you dont have to explain the each rule sepparately.

  • Skellitor301 VA

    The suggestion is less development and expansion of the rules and more giving it the ability to be more visually appealing. The rules channel is not only there for users to understand what is and isn't expected of them, but a way for them to know what to expect in the server they're agreeing to join. I'm basically suggesting if we could have the option to include markdown, emojis, and image posting in the rules popout, so we can put our best foot forward when taking in new users.

  • legowerewolf

    Would also help with keeping rules up to date. Wouldn't have to worry about multiple places anymore.


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