Discord's Official Server


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  • Depressed Boy Ruler2006 ₉₉₉


  • Saitama Yeetster

    yo discord has a bug

    where can i send it?

  • Discord server link pls

  • Roblox_Buginhead

    Town hall server one mod say they couldn't do nothing about slur word banned I say really gees so I left the server 

  • Yannick THOLOMIER

    It's so true. How can Discord be so out of touch.


  • Because they don't care, they only care about nitro subscriptions! My account was hacked three months ago and they're calling me that I. violated their terms and won't get my account reactivated. I've had the account for nearly 15 years. I will never give discord another red cent and I will tell anybody who listens to never pay them anything!

  • Dener88

    My discord account was unfairly disabled for being underage. Someone has reported me for being underage without any reason. I am 15+ and I believe that  I do have required age to use the discord without any restrictions. I do need my account for my work either and I cannot use it and do any work for nearly 6 days.

    I am an honest person and want to explain everything to give you as much information as possible.I have submitted a ticket,provided all necessary information regarding my age attaching my passport photo and me holding a passport with my discord username to show you a proof  that I am actually 15+.

    I am kindly asking you to check all the provided information and restore my account.My work depends on that account.

  • _shalev_

    Dener88 same - i'm waiting for like 18 days and yesterday they closed 2 of my tickets which one of them was in the correct category…. followed-up and it got closed again after a few hours. sent them a screenshot of my disabled account and telling them THAT THIS ISSUE IS YET TO BE SOLVED and the ticket is still opened lol

  • itzW0lf

    Same literally, people have told me it’s taken them like 3 days to get their account reactivated. And im still waiting… after 14 days :/

  • iangator

    I'm still getting charged for a server subscription that doesn't even exist.. scam much, so discord?

  • Jesse D

    Yo Lala Sabathil thank you that's a W. Your the best 


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