Support for IOS shortcuts


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  • redhottrouble

    I agree that Discord's iOS app has a lot of room for improvement, especially in their iOS "conversation suggestions" feature. I'm still unable to specify a channel I need to share in consistently, when I try to share media. After I select a server, I can't specify a channel. The suggested channels list rarely works for me. iOS Discord would also greatly benefit if it supported iOS deep link functionality.

  • beagle

    A few other actions I'd like to see:

    • Set online status (online/idle/dnd/invisible, can be paired with focus automations)
    • Set custom status (can be paired with location, app, time, and sleep automations)
    • Get recent mentions (+ filter capabilities?)
    • Mute/deafen

    I suspect Discord would be rather hesitant to add support for sending messages since it falls in a bit of a "grey area" for selfbotting. There are genuine use cases for this, but it would also be very subject to abuse, especially in public servers. Maybe they could add a new permission for "automated messages" 🤷


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