Please don't let this go pay only / Microsoft takeover


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  • Celeron

    Per the Microsoft Head Administration it will just be considered.


    Your's in service,


  • donovan_dmc

    The thing I love about this is the open source nature of the program, the easy ability to write hooks from Java into Discord code and automate messaging for channels

    That's not "open source", that's called a functional platform, a takeover wouldn't remove that

    Discord is in no way, shape, or form open source

  • Lala Sabathil

    Donovan is right

  • kyoko

    Microsoft won't take over the intellectual property. They want to buy the company discord aka discord inc. Like github and mojang, the product wont really change. Besides steve ballmer is not ceo anymore. satya nedella is.

  • henry

    what did Steve Ballmer do?


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