This new branding (logo/color/typeface) is pretty bad


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  • CrankyChocoTaco

    I could not agree more on the option to at least get a "Legacy" mode or something of that sort.

  • schmal

    Well stated.

    The new branding isn't inherently bad, but it makes no sense for Discord. I usually find myself in the camp of supporting "controversial" logo and branding changes (I was okay with Google's), but this is just a real head-scratcher for me.

    The original logo really looks great, and everything from the various illustrations to the actual app design fit perfectly with it. This has just thrown a wrench in all of that for no good reason.

  • TheEpicRedstoner

    I second the idea of a "Legacy" theme, or maybe just custom theme support in general would be appreciated.

  • Aprillion

    On all my clients (Mac, Win, Android), the new logo color is extremely clashing with everything else on those operating systems, I have a negative visceral reaction to those colors every time I use the app these days :(  ..didn't get used to it even after a few days, it feels so bad.  Now I know how much I really loved the old color !!!

  • Uluri

    I would like to put in. The new Blue color is really harsh on my eyes. it hurts to look at. I've given it quite a few days to see if it would be something to get used to, but its as I feared it's just a really bad color that hurts the eyes. i really miss that misty blue it was before. It was easy to look at and read. Didn't give me a headache.


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