My eyes hurt from the new colors and visual clutter


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  • whamer100

    I'm having the same issue, the new rebranding literally gives me a big headache and i hate that the only possible solutions are to either

    1. stop using discord
    2. use a modified client

  • Sa'Kagé

    What bothers me most after visiting the web page is that discord now looks like its target audience is <12y old...
    Also I agree that new new color is too bright and the font is even worse than comic sans and continues that "kids are our main target group" vibe.

    Unless they are planning to sell discord for school usage, this will hurt their brand. I won't tell anyone I'm using discord any more. Who does not know discord will think I'm on a kids platform as a grown man, giving strong pedo vibes.

  • Keyan

    This visual update is clearly not a feature but a bug. Please fix


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