Account disabled


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  • plastic

    same with me, well i did get a automated email when i made a ticket but the reason for the account being disabled was not there. ive heard some people say they will only respond to issues involving money in a timely manner, but this is sure making me never want to support the developers in any way. the fact i was not even given a reason is unacceptable? is the thing that disables accounts automated or something? horrible.

  • the normal guy

    I hope Discord somehow fixes this issue.

    I need to atleast know ahat im disabled for so I can make a request to get my account back.

  • Blare

    same for me
    I created a ticket but support did not respond to me

  • Earl Gregory

    Hi @x trench run

    same, I'm hoping Discord can resolve this issue. 

  • Mircioclu1997

    discord i have same issue…


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