Why is Discord support so bad?


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  • Masonportman46

    Yes worst customer service I ever been apart of. Ridiculous 

  • Mikey

    They will respond to you within 500 busines years, they are back from holidays yet my ticket are still ignored too. Zero activites from 6-7 days ago

  • Teros

    They're terrible, I got semi-locked out my account because their auto-mod flagged me for dming/friending my server members who needed something. Crazy part is, the warning DOESN'T RESET, after getting it, it keeps instituting harsher warnings back to back. So, now my server's is in disarray because they want to automate this trash heap of what they call customer service which is really just a really bad bots auto reply. First response I get from AN APPEAL, is a the cylde bot which is CRAZY for an APPEAL. It says it can't find my email address on my account and closes it. It's literally in my profile here and on discord's app. This is pitifully bad.

  • Vetell Botta

    My account got hacked a week ago. I showed them proof and they responded with solved two different times after I asked why is it still active.  I asked them to delete the account because who knows what that person is doing. And it’s still active. Worst customer service I ever had. 

  • Ingo Maiser

    Ich warte jetzt seit einem Monat auf eine Antwort auf meine gehackten Account wo auch noch Arbeit dabei hängt und ich bekomme keine Antwort im Status steht die ganze Zeit gelöst obwohl ich noch keine Antwort habe oder meinen discord account und wenn ich probiere mich einzuloggen kommt die e-Mail-Adresse existiert nicht und ich habe mein discord noch nie gelöscht oder dergleichen


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