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  • Kreig Antipin

    If your account got disabled due to age, I just got my account activated back on. Just had to wait for 7 days.
    Be patient and good luck!

  • Tasos_mpiz_kamenos

    No it disabled for violations of the tos that i didn't violated them

  • Serdal Karakus

    Right now i have the same problem - and the support is ignoring every request.

  • Masonportman46

    Kreig Antipin how is it you got yours back 7 days later? Some people waiting mouths and still no help. I just lost my 3 year account after mouth and half of do everything I can to get one mod to answer me back. Lol wtf worst costume service i ever seen 

  • MaxMartian

    same problem I have as well

  • banane.

    i got the exact problem as well. i sent 4 requests and the bot is putting them “solved” and saying that my acc didnt get disabled because of age, but I received a mail saying that my acc got disabled because of it. such a joke.

  • Tasos_mpiz_kamenos

     banane yeah the same thing i have opened i dodn't know like 5 or 6 ticket and still no answer


  • shimozu | vashts6583

    Still never received an email about why my account was disabled… 

  • Jaylan Kuhlman

    Maybe your account violates a certain policy, please suggest reopening the tomb of the mask account and wait for the administrator to approve the account.


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