Discord needs to get their shit together


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  • Adhvay1511

    I've got the same issue, I'm over 13 here, account got disabled a week ago thanks to some kid reporting me, I've sent multiple tickets just for 2 of them to be written off as ‘solved’ and one more getting some stupid bot reply that doesn't do anything for me.

  • jeramade

    Yeah this happened to me like 3 days ago, and I've sent the photo evidence and everything. You'd think with a selfie of yourself, with your id, and username it'd be pretty fast to resolve these issues. I'm not saying the Discord support team isn't trying their hardest. But they should be able to solve the age ID issues faster due to it requiring real identification and a selfie which matches said ID.

  • Chirayu0408

    Same shi happened to me. Did yall get your accounts back? it's been around 2-3 months since you posted this


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