Account's at very limited.


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  • Thedancingllama69

    I have my account at restricted I tried to contact them but no replies back at any of my tickets except for the canned response best option is to leave the server for me I  don't know which server it is so I will have to leave them all lol


  • Rob333

    The same happened to me, now my account has access to all features again but the status of very limited account is still there and it says that it will be there for 2 more years, so my account is vulnerable to get deleted if something like this happens again.

  • Kitmuri

    I am having this issue too.

    Twice in a week my account has been VERY limited.

    I dont know what I did, or why my account is being limited by support wont answer me and is just closing my tickets without response.


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