Why Is support useless - Hacked account


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  • RJRacoon

    Sorry to hear that happened to you mate, my account got hacked about 3 weeks prior to yours. I had to send like 19 tickets and it took over 3 months to get it resolved. Seen a lot of people lately where it took about 3 months-ish to get some actual staff member looking into the issue. The waiting game and the or responses really do take their toll on ones mental health, was the same with me. 
    You have come a long way already, just keep being persistent and annoying to them

  • Domokunnx

    I have the same problem, sent in multiple tickets and they keep listing the tickets as solved and you only get automated messages, it's complete bullshit how they treat paying customers who had nitro for months or years.


    It's actually ridiculous how they get away with “support” like this,

  • dh200

    Yeah I’ve been trying to get them too, even told them that I tried configuring with my email!

  • Mariahelenagrosu

    I'm going through the same situation!!! I have been hacked by savannahbadalich01. I'm not sure even if the account exists. But they changed everything about acc. What does discord do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and just closes the ticket! I'll sue the company when I'm 18!


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