Discord account disabled immediately after registration


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  • .andre47

    Stay calm my friend, and everything will be fine 

    Help will be provided,.The people who bark the most in the comments that they were left out and all their possessions on discord were lost can be said to have earned it themselves 

    They created a lot of tickets in a short period of time, which caused that the system immediately began to recognize them as spam and began to skip them 

    Create one ticket and do not add anything on the following days, because creating new tickets will bring you back to the beginning of the queue ( as if you were writing it for the first time ) 

    If help is not provided for the first week do not panic! There are hundreds like you and me so they need more time to help us all 

    Remember to use this time to make a new account and try to regain as many contacts as possible from the blocked account ( just in case it is worth insuring) 

    I wish you the best of luck and hope they will unban your account and mine:)

  • vRoninTalon

    They already unbanned my account. Thanks for the help.


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