Make an ability to click on roles and check descriptions for those roles, so people have a better understanding of them.


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  • TrulyJanet

    Legit just DMed this to discord, and was about to make a post here about it.

    Would be specially useful if you're in a shared server and multiple people can make tags.

  • Nemesis

    I believe this would not only be more organised for the server, but it would make them less polluted. A lot of servers that had theme-based roles also includes a text channel explaining the meaning of those rules. So this feature would eliminate the need for that.

  • FilthyGnome

    Awesome Redstone thanks you!

  • charitwo
    a general plaintext description with a character limit would be useful
  • mesub
  • Xaivic

    i think this would be a nice addition if there was an option to enable or disable this function with a drop-down menu to select how high in role hierarchy each role can use this function.

    PS. this also means there needs to be a hierarchy function added to Roles.

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    I honestly was going to write this but instead found I'm already to late cause it's been posted

  • Millsy

    This would be awesome! Bumping

  • RandomGgames

    This has been requested over 4 years ago, how is this not a thing yet!!? This would be so useful! It seems so simple to add too.


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