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    Great news! We've completed this feature for Android and have started to roll it out. If you haven't received it yet, don't fret, we'll be ramping up access to it as we battle test the feature within the week.


    iOS - It's still under development, we haven't forgotten!

  • HS - 10 days

    Add nitro for mobile, so you could pay with iTunes on IOS, and the android currency on those devices.

  • drunk xx ;

    A lot of people don't have access to a paypal account or card so it would be so much better if we could use gift cards.

  • Lifeforce

    Discord would generate so much more money by allowing users to get nitro without paypal oder credit card, so yes.

  • Jester Productions

    Yeah add it! It will be really helpful so i can buy it

  • natcakes

    Not to mention, it could be much more easier for those that doesn't have any PCs laying around and only having a mobile. Being able to buy Nitro on mobile would make more users experience the fun of it!

  • zєℓ¢яα ∂єℓтα

    Plus it would make getting nitro so much easier to manage.

  • avidility

    I definitely second this. I'd also love to be able to buy Nitro with mobile balance.

  • Wolf ♡

    We need this #wakeupdiscord!

  • 🔵 Aero

    Please add this, wanna buy nitro without having to go to my pc.

  • Doogle

    Please add this! I’ve tried going onto the actual website version using my phone to try and buy nitro classic, but I can’t even see 1/4 of the screen! And if I try using a bigger device, I can’t scroll at all! Even when I tried using my computer, in a moment of genius, I STILL couldn’t scroll. Please add this.

  • Lelantos

    That is incorrect Yashu, the feature shipped in the new android update consists of purchasing Nitro via Google Pay, Credit Card or PayPal. This thread is asking for payment via iTunes / Google Play Store.

  • Ebola kitty

    when is it gonna be added...... I've been waiting since 2016

  • Zacatero
    Are you suggesting that Discord should offer Nitro on the app store and google play store like, in exchange for Apple or GPlay giftcards?
  • 00_JF

    if we have this feature we can buy Nitro on the go! i hope there would be this feature in the near future.

  • zєℓ¢яα ∂єℓтα

    Lol, Discord devs. Just get it over with and if need be, patch it up in the future.

  • Shin

    Urgh.....can you guys make it that I can buy nitro from Google gift card, or just use Google store built-in subscription, seen a few app does it. I don't mind paying more than PayPal because this is more convenient for me and I use discord on my phone to talk I friends and clan very often.

  • 6 ⅈ ᝣ 🔥ᖘ ꃅ ꂦ ꍟ ꈤ ꀤ ꉓ🔥

    I was so glad to see that the
    Nitro option was added to in
    app purchases within Discord , however then I got
    sad I couldn't use my Google
    play credit that I had loaded
    funds on using a Google play
    gift card, or use Carrier Billing
    I bought it anyway, but maybe
    help me next month not be so sad..

  • eruveshio

    Now looks like there's the option via Google Pay, still no Google Play which would be much better and easier. Hopefully, someday, soon™

  • YT || Homar The Whale

    Yes add this it will be amazing

  • __BIOHAZARD___

    Can I use my Google play balance to buy nitro?

  • iara

    I've been wishing for this for ages now. When I got told it was gonna be possible to buy it via mobile, I was extremely happy, then realised all you did was add paypal/credit card option in mobile, which is unequivocally redundant as I was hoping for it to be possible to buy via iTunes or Google Play Cards.

  • helioski

    Buying nitro with mobile load would be very nice 

  • Mlau

    I also think they should allow you to turn off emoji converter on iOS

  • zєℓ¢яα ∂єℓтα

    And to be honest, some of us have been getting WAY too impatient for it. Like, at least include it in the discord beta for ios+android.

  • rmill

    You need this discord

  • Alexis
    that would be really nice
  • Alphq Bro 56
    Yes a very wecome feature waiting for it to be dome
  • Amy

    I really would love this feature a lot ;)

  • Lelantos

    In response to Dannysaur,

    This feature isn't available in the Alpha updates. The Alpha update consists of being allowed to pay via Google Pay / Credit Card. This feature requests states:

    "Make people be able to get nitro on mobile iTunes/Google Play Store"

    I understand that Google / Apple takes a cut of the money but I honestly wouldn't mind paying 30% more since a lot of us don't have access to credit cards.


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