Make minimum window size an optional feature.


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  • UnlimitedStudentDebt

    Yes!!! It takes over half my screen and I want it to be completely resizable, another workaround would be great if we could collapse sidebars like who’s online in a server or the server and channel panels. Collapsing could help with the overlapping of icons that was occurring.

  • deeeeee

    Yes please! I love discord, but one thing I really miss from Skype (and even MSN Messenger, pidgin, AIM, steam messenger - heck, even the browser version of facebook messenger at messenger dot com can do this) is the ability to have a chat window as just a tall vertical box taking up less than 20% of my screen width. This way I can chat with people while also having chrome/whatever else open, without having to constantly switch between windows.

    The ability to shrink the Friends sidebar on the left would be wonderful too, as it seems very wasteful of horizontal space at the moment. I really only need people's icons showing, not their names plus some more spacing.


  • metasamsara

    I too find this minimum size (width in my case) really annoying for the same reason. Ideally I'd want a 'minimalist' toggleable design so that I could keep discord in a column of 480px width (1/4 of 1080p).


    It would collapse the big channels list into smaller icons similar to the server icons, it could be done by letting server admins pick an emoji to represent each channel so that it's recognizable without text, it would downscale the size of server icons as well to take less width, or maybe even have them as a popup over the channels list, the rest of the window would be chat, maybe a small column on the right displaying user profile pics only without the name, mirroring the server list, it could be hidden and in minimalist mode, you could open the user list and it would display instead of the messages while it's open, then go back to icons only/nothing.


    That's what I would want as a #1 priority update for discord.

  • Barleduq

    This is what showed up when I put in 'collapse sidebar' into the help box. Please, please, please this. Especially on my 13" laptop, I want to make this as small as possible - and maximize conversation. I don't need to see everyone in the server. When I'm on IRC in pidgin I collapse the list of people 99% of the time. Buttons to slide them open and shut would be awesome!



  • thenewmystery

    The fact that a vertical snap of the Discord window in Windows results in it taking up only TWO THIRDS of the screen is, I agree, unfortunate. I also agree that the side panels should be fully collapsible - more chat, less reference material. :)

  • gadgetdoll

    Seriously, the side panels need to be collapsible and remove the minimum window size. This seems to be an on going problem with this program. Before it seemed possible to go into the settings file and add the code to make the window size adjustable but this work around seems to have been thwarted by recent updates.

    This is a serious problem for me and the people I communicate with in this program. I'll be looking into other alternative chat solutions for as it is this program is unusable with a dual monitor setup; with the gamin monitor being in landscape and the second monitor, meant for streaming/chatting, is in portrait mode. Discord will not fit on my second monitor and overlaps anything open full screen on the primary monitor.

  • Archangel Omega

    Yes please, currently there is no way to make it fit on a portrait rotated monitor without the needlessly bloated UI overflowing onto the neighboring screen like a fat man in an economy class seat.

  • selbie

    This is a frustrating design choice. The Discord window cannot be shrunk smaller than half a screen width. Ironically chat messages are compressed when the member list is visible, but when the member list is hidden the chat window still cannot be compressed. Perhaps the member and channel list could switch to overlapping drawers when the window is below a certain horizontal width. A user can pop them out when needed.

  • Earl

    Discord people have been asking for this for YEARS. There's currently over 1300 upvotes on this one thread alone!

    I've received a ton of updates for things I don't even use but when will you give your users what they want?

  • billy.wade

    Yeah, I submitted this as a bug and was told to come here. There's no real reason to have it, since even the window scaling before adding in the bottom limit worked better without any other tweaks at all.

  • soybomber

    honestly, being able to resize columns is standard GUI design in every program for the last 20 years. you're not being radical and fresh by not including it. you're being obstinate and annoying.

  • TM-Kea

    A g r e e d.

    Discord is way too huge and we can "ctrl -" all we want but it won't allow us to drag the screen any smaller. It takes up 2/3rds of my desktop! Why is that at all necessary?? Let us minimize it to a thin strip!

    Secondly the UI tries too hard to look like skype (having all contacts and servers on the left and the chat area as an attachment on the right). I miss the days when messaging apps were a single skinny friend list window and individual chat windows would pop.

    Either that or take a damn cue from the mobile app. Let us switch between server/friend list and chat area so that both don't need to be open side-by-side taking up the whole damn desktop. I thought it was just me being new to the desktop app when I couldn't find an option to minimize or put away the friends list (or conversely close the chat area).

    Alternatively the friend list area could be reduced in size by having just icons when not in use, and then if we need to open it, click expand to show the full list.

  • KingR321

    I just saw the update to add in server folders which was apparently a community idea, and I love it, but I'm hoping this is also a community idea you can implement. I recently moved to discord from google hangouts and the minimum window size was jarring, I normally took up a small column on my screen with chat now I have to give up 2/3rds.

  • BashfulBlanket

    I only use the interweb version of Discord because the app is so big for my 13" screen. If I use it, I  can't do anything else when I use the discord app. Please change this! 

  • cryptid

    I was honestly going to make my own topic for this before I found this one, so thank you. It's incredibly frustrating as a multitasker to have half my screen taken up by a conversation that doesn't need that much space. I'm in a long distance relationship and have been using Discord to talk to my girlfriend for over three years, and we often watch videos or play games together while it runs. I use this program every day and I am constantly annoyed with the width of the program, even as happy as I am with the functionality.

    The paragraphs compress smoothly when changing width for the 'members online' and 'text search' features, which proves that the message area CAN easily change to smaller sizes without losing readability.

    Another consideration, if space is an issue: make the conversation list collapsable like it is on the mobile app interface. I have no issues on my phone when I need to switch conversations - a tap to bring the menu up, a tap to select the right name, and it's done. Why not make the desktop app, which has even more potential, as fluid an experience?


  • arzak

    Please can something be done about this. I most often use Discord on my MacBook Pro, and I can't even get the window to share 50% of the screen, because of this minimum size restriction it's more like 60%. It won't even work with the built-in screen split on macOS, because of this. Even with a 15-inch screen your application takes up an obnoxious amount of screen real estate. It is incredibly frustrating, and I typically resort to just moving the window so that all the stuff to the left not including the conversation box I'm currently in, is off screen. So it's even less usable, because I don't see any of the other stuff, but to me that is all secondary to being able to have the windows arranged in the way I want. Frankly speaking I really want to be able to make it take up a 25% square quadrant as a minimum. And please add the ability to hide the conversation list a previous user suggested as well. I think all of the above would be quality of life improvements. If I was giving your application a rating I would not give more than 2/5 stars because of this issue. Please fix this.

  • Meagan

    With this newest update it takes up more like 60% of my screen and it's completely unusable for me through the app. I need to use the web version to get it to a size that's manageable for me. I've had to uninstall the app on my computer. 

  • Tempest


    A related issue is that i've noticed scaling text in Windows' accessibility features directly affects the scale of the entire Discord application. It's just like using the zoom slider in Discord's own accessibility features. So while Discord can scale itself and the text in it independently, it somehow can't keep the text scaler in windows from screwing around with it?

    Why are my only options to have ridiculously tiny system text or to have Discord take up 2/3 of my screen? Half of the screen is bad enough.

  • LPChip

    How is this still not solved? This is disgusting. I guess I'll go look for an alterantive. I have good memories of IRC...

  • Sickwit

    Big oof. Any a good open source windows client?

  • Sickwit

    both discord app and spotify man u are overlapping each other and its a real 1st world problem

    I only have so much screen real estate for distracting programs 


  • Nubti

    @Sickwit, don't use third-party clients. You get banned for that. 


    Instead, let's push for a proper UI Revamp:

  • LPChip

    For now, I suggest to not use the windows client. If you use a browser (basically any browser will work), and you use the web version, you can hold CTRL and scroll down to zoom out. You can make it so tiny that you can't really read anything anymore, which means you can use a window as small as the browser allows you to, which is sufficient in almost all cases. Then in the settings, you can set the font for chatting on max and that is readable. If you balance both zoom and chat text size, you can work in a window that is smaller than 640x480 and still have a great chatting experience.


    That said, I opened a support ticket for the windows app not working, and the person of support created a feature request for me and asked me to upvote this on the community so the devs know this is actually wanted.


    So to anyone, please upvote all the posts regarding this matter if you want this feature.

  • LPChip

    I've got a reaction from Discord support:


    Hi LPChip‍,

    Thanks for the support on the feedback page! Every (up)vote counts as they say. I want to reassure you that our team is on the case and working on it, however, I sadly don't have an exact ETA for when a solution will be available, specially with the current events.

    I'm so sorry that we don't have an immediate solution for you, but please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime and I'd be happy to help.


  • coolbigbear

    Just gonna leave this here for people that still want to resize it.

    Honestly the window is a shit show and the fact you can't split screen it with another app (i.e. make it take up 50% of the screen ) is a joke.

    After setting the values to 0 you can make the window whatever size you want but really they could put this in the settings and have it as "unsupported resolution size" or something.

    Works a charm and can finally make it take 50% of screen or less ;)

    Still need to figure out how to make the server panel smaller in the windows app

  • erack

    Definitely need this for vertically rotated monitors with limited horizontal resolution.

  • May

    THIS! Personally I like how the desktop Apple Music does it, you can click a button and it shrinks the window to a small square. Hope this is something that can be updated. Otherwise absolutely love Discord!

  • tonyyoungblood

    Yes! I want to use Discord for a weekly virtual watch party, but without this feature, people can't watch the movie and chat on the same computer monitor without alt-tabbing all the time. Once this gets fixed, I'll make the switch from Skype text chat to Discord.

  • AL

    They don't listen to us....  I left negative feedback at the app store. 

  • Earl

    STILL. NOTHING. Seriously what the hell Discord? too busy monetizing server boosts and other useless shit to fix this? I mean this is one of MANY threads and this thread alone has 1500 upvotes!

    And this response to LPChip above...

    "...I sadly don't have an exact ETA for when a solution will be available, specially with the current events."

    Sad and sickening to use COVID-19 as an excuse as to why this hasn't been done when this has been on the radar for YEARS.


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