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  • Skwaleks
    This should be togglabe per user or for everyone as you said.
  • Doxorn

    also a toggle option if it should be seen while you are ingame. Along with a togglable sound effect (like blizzard do with Battlenet)

  • Doggoh

    Agreed. Also if you could change the sound of the online to a list of presets maybe, so that it's not the same sound as a message for example.

  • bastet_of_orion
    I like this idea, and I'm curious if this would work for those who mark themselves invisible.
  • sylvee!! (she/her)

    Definitely something I'd like in discord.

  • L33

    Really dont know why this is yet to be implemented 

  • uraruri

    yes PLEASE

  • ahla.

    as long as you have to set it on for specific people rather than having it on by default and having to turn it off for everybody

  • IanTheInnocent

    This would be nice if you could select just some favorites that youd like the notification to pop up for

  • El Buro

    Could be even a good idea to implement friend filters, like favorites or something else, to solve the big friend list problem

  • Macks

    This is not even that hard to implement. It's been two years. Discord... please

  • KoolaidJacky

    if discord doesn't read the comments here, then why have a support page?

  • Weaponised Farts

    That would be really helpful. I always find myself going from YouTube or another app where I wait for someone else to Discord to check if they're on or not. It gets really repetitive.

  • Verdigo

    A lot of my friends I have online are from the MSN Messenger days. When one of us signs on we get the notification and immediately say hi and start a convo. With Discord we hardly talk because we never know when the other signs on unless we constantly check the friends tab. A notification of a friend signing on seems like it should be a standard feature.

  • Tsuki

    Why is this not a thing yet? Come on guys! ICQ had this 22 years ago

  • Hexagone

    I really need this feature because it's a hassle to have to tab out of games and videos to check if someone has come online. Sometimes it's something urgent, whether it's important or you just have something exciting to share. For some, me included I used to use Skype and MSN Messenger and being notified someone has come online is like a roommate coming home after having been out. For me the biggest thing about Skype and MSN was that, it felt alive. People would come and go and sometimes you'd wanna talk to someone really bad and a notification would pop up that they were online. You'd strike up a conversation, and when you log in those people see you come online and strike up a conversation with you. It creates a good sense of community and friendship.

    I know you care about the experience of your users, and sometimes people just want to read things without having all their friends pile up on them. Maybe they've had a long day or just don't feel like talking. So a good addition to this would also be the option of a silent login for users. This isn't only useful for people who've had a hard day at work. Hopefully that friend of ours that one-ups us constantly or says disrespectful things to us isn't a friend anymore. But if that person is still your 'friend' having login notifications can let those people keep tabs on people they like being shitty to, so a silent login can help people who aren't feeling good because their friend isn't really a friend.

    If these things are implemented it would be good to notify people of the change in some kind of update message that's a pop up during the update process. My memory is incredibly bad, so I don't know if you fetch patch notes and feature implementations while the client is downloading them, but it would be great to do so, so that everyone is on the same page if this is an implementation you make. Look out for the little people, y'know?

  • mal0004
    Okay, but if we have a big friend list we'd be spam notifications. This idea is a good one, but you should then be able to choose the person for whom you would like to be notified of their connection.
  • Fenivan

    This would be really cool, also toggles for friends so we don't get spammed all the time from all ppl.

  • Tsuki

    The repo in above comment by .PANIC [DiscordStatusUpdates] was last updated in 2017 and DOES NOT WORK- and can cause some client-side issues on your Discord with current versions, don't download / install it.

  • toothyfernsan

    @vortami sorry but 1. This isn't what I meant and 2. It was my very own idea

  • Aqua

    how long will this take? This would help a whole lot tbh

  • *tvin131

    Этого очень не хватает. Стало бы удобнее.

  • LiliOfTheVali

    I would love this! It's so frustrating when your waiting for a friend to come online and you go between tabs and get distracted completely missing them entirely. This would be incredibly helpful.

  • airmatmaster

    C'mon Discord! This is a great idea. Don't leave us hanging!

  • dartwader

    Any planned timeline for this feature?

  • Le jelo

    yeees pleaseee


  • 𝒾𝓂𝓅😈

    critically needed such function

  • djiki

    Please Discoed add this! I'm so sick of constantly having to open the app to check. Make it so we can control who we want to get notified by and who not to when they come online. I beg.

  • Elboufda

    Would love to see it , i think this is basics that should be available long time ago :(

  • Chemotherapy

    Would be very convenient


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