Mobile custom rolecolors



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  • Alpha

    This would be a really useful feature to add, especially for mobile server owners.

  • Ice

    Yeah, I definitely agree on this one. It's annoying to have to go to a PC or use desktop Discord on mobile.

  • Skwaleks
    I think the whole weel would be unnefficient on mobile, but just an HEX input option would make it much easier indeed
  • Jackyjo

    I'd like it if we could also upload emojis to servers on Mobile please!

  • purpzie

    Toast, it doesn't exist on mobile yet unfortunately (at least on Android).

  • D4rkiZito...

    This has to be implemented

  • NicolasGE

    yeah let us change the hex value of the color

  • 「ボートカント」

    Yes i think mobile should get custom colors as well as PC i shouldn't be forced to by a computer just to change my role to a color i like thats absolutely redundant

  • toki doki

    It doesn't on iOS either.

  • Dora

    Yeah, I agree. -)

  • criptixo

    this would be absolutely great

  • Rowan

    I agree with skwaleks, hex codes would be best

  • Simplicity and desperation.

    I am currently managing a server, sometimes on the go. It would be not really smart of me to walk into school with a trolley full of PC parts behind me.

  • FalseChainzzz

    Yes this is needed I keep using the same old colors when I’m not on my computer and it’s annoying.

  • Darth
    An option to enter a hex code would be nice also
  • Catboy
    I agree but it should be for iOS aswell
  • matt.

    This is a feature that really needs to be added to discord mobile, iOS and Android. I still have no clue as to why this isn’t even implemented yet. It’d be very useful though, however it’d be absolutely redundant to be forced to buy a computer just to pick a custom color. Come on, let’s be real here. This is a feature that is desperately needed on discord mobile.

  • Stijn
    Atm I need to walk to my pc or wait till I am home to change role colors in custom hex values, so it will be really nice to have
  • ooga booga

    I would love for this feature to come out! 

  • Mr Mustachio

    hell yes ive been waiting for this to be added to mobile and it might come too they recently did just add the emotes management to mobile


  • P9

    We need a color picker like pc

  • CakeSZ

    Yes,its very convenient for mobile version, the colors it already has are,ok but it would be better to have the infinite pallette like in PC.

  • This would be a good ideea because Android users doesn't have any color picker for roles and we have to use the default ones or connect via PC or on chrome to choose our color for roles.
  • Draco
    Hopefully this is added soon! Would be very useful.
  • Duo

    As someone who uses mobile more than PC and manages multiple servers, this feature would be excellent because I don’t like how restricted mobile server managers are in terms of role color selection.
    This has my full support.

  • Vsbl
    I've been wanting this for a long time, it's very difficult for mobile users to create roles with custom colors.
  • Ashdearest
    It's a great idea, a custom color picker wheel would be really helpful. Some people don’t have access to the pc version of discord, this would be quite helpful for them.
  • MaliciousUpload

    Lets get this done! Come on Discord! I will send BTC 

  • 「ᴼʷᴼTactical Support Furry」

    Why is discord mobile limited at all? Why can't mobile have the custom colors, custom emote management, and everything else that is on desktop?

  • Fay

    This would most definitely be an useful and needed feature for mobile users alike. The current available colors are all very similar and basic, and usually aren't what i'm looking for in a role color. A color wheel doesn't need to be added, but a simple bar where i can implement the hex code of the color in question would help a ton.


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