Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • Pixel3rr0r

    Yes please!

    More than 1 year now, and I don't expect Discord to implement privacy-respecting features anymore. Disappointed.

  • mlipnos

    I'd love this! I'm not comfortable with the idea that people on big servers can see whether or not I'm online, but I do want my close friends to see, this would be a really useful feature


  • squishy💕☁

    100% please do this. there's certain people that constantly spam my dms when i go online. 

  • GamerGal6

    going invisible and/or the ability to hide what game you are playing, music you're listening to, etc. on certain servers or to certain friends

  • Martini

    I agree, this is so annoying. I decided to block my friend in the end and he want mad lol.

    Please do this.

  • Piper

    Would be nice if you could do this on a server by server basis for the same reasoning.

  • Daniel-San

    We need this! Yes!

  • Ping

    Not sure why this isn't a feature yet...

  • Coaster

    Besides the online status display, there should be options to include the game activity as well for this feature. Even if we were to just add the online status to discord, it would be enough to have the same effect that is desired for the below reasoning.

    This is an absolute necessity for a server that I am engaged on. The server has content policies that disallow certain games and content from being discussed. This includes names, content from the game, and pictures of the game (depending on what the picture is, it may be posted still) from being displayed and there are multiple users, including myself, that don't want to turn off the game activity entirely because of the currently displayed game.

    If this were to be implemented, I would suggest having a default option of falling back to your global settings unless you set a server to specifically have the content displayed. Likewise, you should have the ability to unset the setting for a individual server. This way, users are not forced to update their settings if there was no default option.

  • shadowjojo

    I have both a D&D group and a gaming group over discord, and I myself do not play games as much as the gaming group I'm in does BUT I do like to post regularly within my D&D chat and a function in which I can act invisible in one group  and not the other would be incredibly beneficial to me (especially since declining invites from my gaming group leads to them getting real sore at me).

    I yearn for the day this post gets enough upvotes so that the devs. eventually read it and tell us if they're gonna implement a feature like this, or at the very least explain to us why they wouldn't, because it seems like something that would be very useful to a lot of people

  • Zom-B

    I need this badly because I want to concentrate on my development work while ignoring a busy server and at the same time be notified (as if by high priority) of messages on a collaborating developer's server.

  • Ryolm


  • Valeria Alva

    Would be awesome, not everyone has to see if i am online or not. On some big servers i am just a silent reader.

  • HungryCrayon10

    Ben, they said they didn't want them to know they were avoiding them.

    I think they'd notice if they were blocked.

  • JoBro

    Yes. Please. We NEED this feature desperately.

  • Toasti Jen X

    I would love this! Sometimes I just don't want to interact with one specific group, but want to be seen online for friends and other groups. Please implement this!

  • JoStoic

    Yeah, I get overwhelmed with people easily, this is the second person this has happened with, most people have problems with the people in question, but everyone else seems ti handle it better. And they're not bad people, just really intense, so, I want more control over how often I engage with them, without hurting their intense feelings. And I still want to play with the rest if the friend group, who all have every right to keep playing with the guy with or without me.

  • Jungfaha

    This would be great! I too am on a server that have certain policies installed to keep a safe online environment free on nonsensical things.

    Just be great to have the option to show what I'm doing on the server I want, and not all the servers.

    Some servers have 100s - 1000s of people. Others maybe just 40. Why show EVERYONE what we are doing?

    Hopefully this will be implemented. :)

  • BidEddy

    This please. I don't need EVERYONE knowing I'm playing HuniePop!

    ...Just some people

  • Blastoise186
    I'd be interested in this one - there are some users who I might or might not want to cloak my game status from because of previous history or another reason.

    This would be awesome!!

  • Frosty
    Yes, please. It'd be really awesome!
  • uqe

    Yes please.

  • pikaboy70

    I want this!!

  • weetreat

    ohhh yes please i need this so bad ;)


  • Ren Flow

    This feature is SO needed! I have avoided joining certain servers because I don't want to be seen online by THAT SPECIFIC server. There are servers I DO wish to be seen as online, so going totally invisible is not an acceptable solution.

  • Ultiminati

    I think we need blocking or allowing to see Game Activity feature.

  • George 2.0 Hope

    I think it would be best (in order to get traction with the devs) to have one 'post' for this so that it has the most up arrows & follows...  I would ask if you see a new post similar to this one, then put a permalink to this comment (item):

    ... so the ppl in the other posts can up arrow over here.

    ○ Server Specific Visibility
    • if you use discord for work, volunteering, & social aspects; this is as important as the two items below

    With regards to related items:

    ○ Server Specific Bios
    • I'd love to take this a step further for the RPG'ers out there & have even per 'channel' specific bios, in the same server, this would let you in an easy to find fashion link to details about a character within a channel
    • Again this has use cases in the business, volunteering worlds as well; where you have different contact info based on the server and/or a different role based on the team (per channel is important)

    With regards to "Server Specific Avatars"
    • this has it's own (separate) post you (again, thank's @Nelly) :
    ○ this also has a use-case for ppl who use discord for various endeavors: work, volunteering, & play
    ○ I'd love to take this a step further for the RPG'ers out there & have even per 'channel' specific avatars, in the same server ... the same logic holds, if I'm a DM with multiple campaigns why have multiple servers & not multiple channels (that way all the common stuff can be in one channel & all the campaign specific stuff can be in it's channel.

    I'd like to ask for everyone's help in up arrow'ing:

    ○ this post (let's help @Nelly cross the finish line <after a year 😲>, though the dev team has been understandably busy with scaling, performance, & Rust conversion)!
    ○ this comment so that we can get everyone on the same page (& hopefully get the dev's to work on this item.)

    Here are the similar links I've already cross-posted to (or are already answered/closed pointing to the parent post):

    [[ Server-Specific Avatars, please
    [[ Server Based Avatars / Boost Perks
    [[ Server Specific Icons
    [[ Server-specific Profile Pictures
    [[ Custom Avatars for Servers
    [[ Server-specific bios
    [[ Feature request - Server specific visibility
    [[ Server-specific online status




  • Frenzyay

    Well that would be great for my friend ;-;

  • Kyōkinokami

    This would be an amazing feature to have for privacy.


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