A new "video" channel type, for server-wide video share



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    Rabbit Tank

    It's not a dedicated channel type, but VIDEO CHAT IS NOW AVAILABLE IN ALL SERVERS!!! Go have fun and let us know if you've got any questions! https://blog.discord.com/wave-hello-to-server-video-85dcef1128f0

  • Litchytsu

    So i was managing my personal discord server (~50 members) and I got thinking that most of my members were not using servers that much. So i asked them why, and so they responded that most of them were using more groups than servers because there is not some some features in servers that there is in groups. Those are : screensharing camera sharing.

  • Aselgeia

    and also cam chat on discord servers. please.

  • VaporStrike

    It's actually already a thing. Problem is, they decided to just do a random rollout to a small % of servers, apparently. But I have a discord where an artist will screenshare her work in a regular voice channel and we can all hop in and watch.

    It works amazingly well, they really should just roll it out completely, already. Or at least let people sign up to have their servers enabled.

  • Jarper (confused screaming)

    this will me grate for my server for movie night.

  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    Easy solution: Restrict the remote privileges (aka "playback control", for you youngsters) to the channel moderators by default, or make certain aspects (like pausing and fast-forward-on-resume) client-side.

  • Borken_

    This would be a useful feature, at least for the servers I manage. Often times we have members in specific VoIP channels trying to communicate time-stamps of where they are in the video, a video channel would alleviate these issues and it would certainly be popular in the communities I manage. Would be very pleased to see this go through and if you need testers would be more than willing to provide feedback during its development.

  • Circe


  • purpzie

    There's actually a way to do this right now, it just isn't fully released.
    On desktop only, turn on developer mode and form a link like so:
    Replace SERVERD and VOICECHANNELID with your server id and VC id respectively. Then, whenever you're connected to the voice channel, click that link and you'll be able to screenshare. In order for others to see it, they need to click the link as well.

  • Chroma

    This would be very useful, as our server is about tech and other computer stuff. If this is still in development, I would like a sample :)
    -ktg5 and the Chroma Community

  • Jules (The Coven)

    I'd like to add that the "Go Live" feature doesn't work for the use case of wanting to have a video call available for people in a server to drop in and out at their leisure. Our server has a group of friends from all over the world and because of different timezones and such we would like the ability to sit in a channel where people could see we were online and available for video chat rather than creating private DM/group calls.

  • Hoodie

    I was thinking of Video Channels too, maybe like this?

  • Tiger
    This is being tested in about 5% of servers as an experiment currently
  • zombie9900

    I would really enjoy this. I would use this to play the jackbox series with my friends. I would love to see this feature.

  • Lazerit

    It's going to happen — in Canary, some of my voice chats now can also show video, just like DM

  • Sam

    This would be greatly appreciated by my discord community. We hate going to other apps for this purpose

  • Eagle

  • KING

    Cannot wait for this to be released, it would be immeasurably helpful for so many things across servers, and like a few other people have mentioned it would be an incredible relief not to go to other platforms for this feature. 

  • thetechguy
    this would be a good feature to implement
  • TySquii

    I was thinking maybe, video could be a separate channel. or make it so you can unlock to view the video, because some of my friends have issues when viewing videos, and it kicks them out sometimes when they try to view video calls.

  • Damnlag

    A channel that displays videos similar to how YouTube homepage shows multiple videos, with categories and scrolling in sections of the page would be nice.

    A server like mine where people share lots of YouTube videos would love to have something like this.

  • JackJPK

    I think it will be better if the server video come back.

    Cause for some server want to have video call and they have to creat a group chat to access that system.

    It might be a small trouble to mover around server and group chat for video call.

    That was my own opinion, is depend on other and you guys decision.

    Thanks you.

  • Originalitee

    I actually like the idea of this so it's easier for people to instantly watch a stream without having to open their browser then look through their follows to find someone

  • DeJackalope

    Alright. I thank the two of you for your input on how to deal with this problem I have "faced"

    Thankfully at the time of these messages, I've already got everything figured out.

    Again, both of there messages helped me get to my final conclusion. So for that a thank you all.

    Peace :p

  • Hans

    This would be great to have.

  • 󠇰󠇰

    This is one thing I didn't understand, you can have video chat for large groups but not for servers... It's going to use the same resources anyway and if people really wanted to they are going to create a group anyway so why not have it on servers?

  • ℧𝓏la₮h



  • Psycho_XV

    I personally would love this feature to be added also as my friends and I always share random stuff and have to back out our server to then join group dm.

  • lonedestroyer

    Discord should add this but add a cap on how many people can join, such as in group dms.

  • kidgrit

    Ok weird thing. I just created a server, and it has this feature. You can screenshare in voice channels. the button is right where the connection info button used to be. I was trying to figure out how to get it in other servers of mine, so I created an even NEWER server, and I couldn't get this feature to appear on any V-channels there!?! It's still there, working in that one server though and I can't for the life of me figure out how I did it. All V-channels created in that server have this feature....


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