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  • ZaZoTX

    Dabbit Prime - I hope this is your current FIRST priority or people will somewhat stop using Discord as its as of lately becoming more of a struggle then a comfort to use.

    I mean litterly... im now today up to 409 servers... a few days i had 400... and i expect in the comming week it will be increase another 9+ servers...

    I badly need a Main Folder with like 8 SUB folders to sort out all these Games-Communitity Servers to easier mantain it... it takes forever to scroll up or down to find the server.


  • Tangent_Turner

    How in the world is this not a thing yet? Like its been on the request list for years!


  • Missie

    Was just about to suggest this myself. I lose track of all the servers I am in, and want to organise them into categories. PLEEEEAAAASE :)

  • Salt Mage

    This definitely needs to be a thing. It's getting hard to scroll through all of my servers!

  • Baron Von Fluffles

    With all the positive feedback and ask for this feature, and given that it was designed months ago for implementation. Is there any actual movement on this? seems silly to not have such a big quality of life improvement for users to continue using the application at high volume.

  • Cort

    Quick Search and folders are the absolute minimum I feel like Discord desperately needs as the userbase grows, everyone and their mother has a discord channel nowadays.

  • dv0dv0



    I have ~40 servers and I don't want to be scrolling around looking at icons trying to remember which is which


    Maybe server nicknames too?


    I just really want name-able server folders so that I can categorize, please please please please please

  • Maika
    holy would this be nice
  • Amirrora

    It's been forever, and we STILL need this!

  • viperfang4

    I would really like to see the collections or folder options and possibly still have dividers in conjunction to collections or folders. I have many servers and sorting them by topic would help to keep them organized and visited more frequently due to ease of menu and visual indicators.

  • mxsy

    Yes please. Either the collection or folder variant would be so amazing. Been talking about this with friends for a long time.

  • Blue

    I myself am in 55 servers and I can't afford to leave any of them to clear out the single column list of servers. It's an extreme pain to scroll through the sidebar for ten seconds every time I need to find a server that I'm in, because there's no way to organize them.

    Anyone who uses Discord hardcore is going to be in at least twenty servers I figure. I genuinely feel that this would be the most useful feature you could add that would appeal to the most amount of people on the platform. It would increase productivity for the hardcore users tenfold.

  • Pocket

    Really hope this is coming soon! Long over due and needed for anyone who really uses Discord.

  • TheFox007

    Good Good 

  • Stephen

    Collections, With Quick Search, and Dividers that would be perfect


  • L33

    I need the folders. Like that would make my life so much easier.

  • Zep


  • T-20

    Has there been any acknowledgement of this? I'd hope there at the very least considering this because it's going to keep piling up and with the amount of people who already want this I'm kind of shocked that they haven't said a word about it.

    What are they working on that's so important that they can't just give a simple "yes, we're looking into this suggestion."

  • Amirrora

    @T-20 I agree so much!
    I even sent them a direct contact via support.

    All they did was send an automated response asking if their support was good, and closed it.
    No response at all, a person didn't even look at it.

  • adam

    holy shit we need this

  • jaykstah

    I'm still surprised that this wasn't a feature already implemented earlier. For a long while I was only in a few servers but in the past year or so I've always looked at that overwhelming single column list with disdain. All I can hope is that more people drop some upvotes so this gets more priority. Once this is implemented it will be so much easier to check different types of content that I use Discord for rather than only ever checking a few servers and never seeing the ones towards the bottom that I have to scroll to get to. 

  • NightHawk

    I need this in my life!!!

  • pineapple

    would love to see this. i'm in a ton of servers that i don't want to leave and stuff can get confusing.

  • Lady Divine Knight

    I would absolutely love to be able to organize the servers I'm in into Server Folders. It would save a lot of space on my Servers bar.

  • Wrexsoul

    Adding my voice to this: As an example I'm currently playing Smash Bros Ultimate. That game has (not counting clones) over 70 characters, and there's a character-specific Discord server for each and every one of them, as well as multiple local, regional and international servers for matchmaking, a plethora of tournament servers, etc. It's currently an absolute mess to keep track of, and a folder system would make it a ton more accessible. 

  • CassiopeiaGames

    I'm in a bunch of servers for support (gaming, pc building, broadcasting), and will probably join one for writing as well at some point. So my server hotbar is getting cluttered as well.

    I like your idea. Let's simplify this. Not sure a tab is the best way to go, space wise.


    Add a line in the server hotbar. Could be a dashed line or dots, whatever suits the design the best. Any servers dragged below this will be "not important" and will automatically by TOTALLY muted - apart from DIRECT mentions only. Here and everybody tag will not ping. You will still be able to go in and visit them and unread markers will still be present. A small button near the line or on the line to hide or show the servers below the line would be the most obvious and easy way to handle this.

  • Ryuuou

    It is pain to scroll up and down, when you have over 30 different kind discord servers.

  • Black Oni

    We need this. I'm hoping Discord is paying attention to this thread.

  • melt (

    10k upvotes should be enough ya? :)



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