sarcasm font


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    or maybe fancy cursive for extra sarcasm pizzazz

  • Kimyakimya

    Actually you can just add a (!) At the end of the sentence and make it sarcastic. Example: Good game guys(!)
    Or if you want something less formal you can write a sentence like: GoOD gAmE GuYs!
    You can write "Good game guys" in bold which is possibly best way to denote sarcasm in ^t h i s^ case and they would definitely feel sarcasm like this.
    Or just use kappa emoji. That aside choosing a font for your message sounds like a good idea but it might make a chat look ugly if everyone started to use a different font. It could be ok if people were to use it seldomly but its unlikely. Chat wouldnt look uniform. People would sh tpost in different fonts making it extra sh tty.

  • cark

    I feel like there are other ways to do this, italics already really does, or aLtErNaTiNg CaPs If YoUd PrEfEr

  • megane

    I'm for having a comic sans font.

    Big side note: I don't see how it's going to be universally interpreted as sarcasm, especially to new Discord users. People usually suffix their sentences with "/s" if they want to be clear it's sarcastic, alternate caps, type in italics, use an emoji, or whichever other way makes sense. Because these different usages for sarcasm are already established, it's not going to come across as clear sarcasm just because you add a font for it. Sarcasm doesn't come in a universal language because everyone expresses it differently. You'll never be sure until you know that person, or ask them directly. 

  • Fricc

    theres other ways to do this already, and i especially don't think it should be a feature of the app.

  • thecrius

    How this feature request has over 2k votes ... wtf.

  • digimbyte

    Nelly That's the new Discord Font, right?


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