Require double clicking to change channels.


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  • BasicallyWiz

    I (and most people) do not need this integration. If this were to be implemented, I'd hope this is a toggled feature.

  • Skwaleks
    yes pls, could be togglable. But would be that handy..
  • Loubhin

    Or even a popup confirmation box to make sure you meant to click that. I live in terror of accidentally entering a voice channel. 

  • Blipper

    I wouldn't recommend a popup confirmation because of the continuous repositioning of the mouse-cursor. I will make you going nuts within hours.

    A double click should come in handy because its learned to go into a folder, open an app or just "enter" something.

  • Loubhin

    I'm coming at this from a disability standpoint when I suggest a popup confirmation. Loads of people with disabilities that result in poor fine motor control or tremors will double click on accident as frequently as single click on accident. A confirmation, similar to what you get when you try to @everyone in a large server, would be helpful in that regard. Not the most efficient, but it solves the problem for a wider group of people. 

  • Blipper

    I think at this point Discord needs a general "Motoric disability mode" like the one for the color blinded, that suit a certain disability. The confirmations would be a way to deal with it but I think there are proper solutions available that take care of the whole application.

  • LuckyKnightYT

    I agree, especially when VCs and Text channels have close to identical names.

  • Callie

    This, is not good for me, I have OCD and this will make the app unusable on PC...

  • Mykkala

    I agree add an option for this.

  • _ToxicLiana_

    I accidentlly click into voice channels all the time, either by complete accident, or my hand twitches as I go to click another channel. I absolutely refuse to use voice chat, I hate talking to people via voice or even on the phone so it's a huge problem the bothers me on the reg.    :(

  • 🎈 全て acnologia LCM

    okay so i've found the damn culprit as to why this was implemented. MAKE THIS SHIT TOGGABLE. I WANT TO CHANGE VCS WITHOUT CONSTANTLY HAVING A POPUP.

  • nuclear.winter

    fr this is annoying


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