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  • Alice (yes i'm taken)

    Hey Nelly I enjoy the custom theme idea just I would change it to where I can edit it myself rather than using a servers one.

  • Jester Productions

    While ur at it why not add it for ios and android

  • Sebby

    I had the same idea, but why make it server dependent? You could also just make your own custom background. Some settings, to have a transition between the regular Discord grey and your background, regulate transparency and similar stuff. But the idea to have a "standart custom server background" would still be dope.

  • Nilved

    To add to this, being able to apply a personalized color to different chat rooms within a server would make finding specific chats on a server much easier at a glance

  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    This has been requested before, but I'll go ahead and upvote this one too, since it goes into a bit more detail.

  • BitterApple

    This is a great idea! Been waiting for this!

  • elvis

    I would prefer the themes to be independent of the server you are in and just have custom Discord themes as an option for the whole interface, everywhere you're at. Regardless, Custom Themes are a feature I'd love to have and so I will upvote this and urge that Discord adds this feature, but perhaps altered in its usage.

  • Ouskar

    Lets give this more attention i was gonna write a post about the same thing then found this. Its really a feature that has to be added maybe in a update called server design or something becouse i’ve had a server for a really long time now but it needs more life in it not meaning people more colours and backgrounds ofcourse. And maybe adding to text and voice channels some webcam channels or something.

  • ToniDeCat

    I love the idea, just make it happen, it can't be THAT hard... right?


  • zachツ

    I love this idea, too! I really want to see them add this so that users can make their own theme for either public use which could be put under review until accepted or denied, or just personal use which someone could probably upload themself.

  • Broken

    This is the logs of the conversation between me and a staff member regarding betterdiscord and if its bannable to use.

    Hello Discord!

           I am contacting you today regarding some questions I have about BetterDiscord. What sort of punishments do you carry out for people who use this program? Are users allowed to use this program? because I've seen several tweets from Discord saying it ISNT against TOS
    and some saying that it is against TOS
    I'd love some clarification as far as all of this goes and I'd love it if you could respond as soon as possible with as much information as possible regarding this subject, Thank you!

    Discord (Joshua):
    Thanks for reaching out. As stated in our API documents here, using self-bots is forbidden and against our terms of service, as any improper use can result in damage done to our API. Additionally, 3rd party add-ons or plugins are also against Discord's Terms of Service ( Our automated backend system will flag any bots being used to spam and for suspicious activity, and the user who the bot is attached to via IP will get banned.

    Generally, we don't seek out users using better discord, but some of the features, including embeds, are accomplished through selfbotting and may lead to banning. Ultimately, if you understand the potential risks then it's up to you if you choose to use it or not.

    I hope that clears it out. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

    if I am "reported" for using BetterDiscord will I be punished? I don't really see a reason to ban someone for doing stuff like this, I know tons of people who use it simply for cosmetic purposes.

    If you will be reported for using BetterDiscord, in case you missed it, we don't drop the ban hammer just for the sake of it. We do an investigation and if your actions with the use of BetterDiscord deem as a violation of the ToS, then appropriate sanction will be applied. Also, please note that any issue within the app that may arise while BetterDiscord is used will not be supported. Once more, improper use of any 3rd party application may result in damage to our own API.

    If you need clarification or have any other questions, just let me know here.


    So from what it sounds, you can use it for cosmetic purposes only
    I don't condone the usage because its not supported and if something breaks, its on you
    Also its a major security risk, you don't know who you're giving your Discord information to. So if you accept and understand the risk, whether you choose to use it or not, is up to you.

  • ᛟ petke

    @Dabbit ur a staff, don't u? u should argue this "Custom Themes" with your team if you can. I support this idea btw

  • sp42s

    I would love to have more customation options for discord, like using picture  in the main chat window or giving it opacity so you can see your own desktop wallpaper (like i used to have on PuTTY) and more color options. Example it would be nice to change colors like three different parts on Discord like on the picture below + the colors for fonts and channels and stuff. (i'm not a good image editor, dont know anything about it, as you can see for the picture below. It's only for reference and the color scheme that i like) Would really love to see these kinds of changes in the future. 

    Discord go in business with Wallpaper Engine and make somekind of Theme editor where users can make own themes and share them like they do wallpapers. 

  • Megumin

    zek, i feel like this is a big reason why people stick with BD for so long, mainly for the themes, i feel like if discord added the ability to create/add themes, it would reduce the amount of people using BD, maybe not by a huge amount, but a decent amount

  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸

    Personally id rather not have to pay for using a theme or two, maybe if it was a one time fee perhaps, it should just be free to everyone, they could maybe allow nitro users to use animated themes though, they should use a system like or identical to the one bd uses

  • hiuwo

    if discord deals with feedback just a tiny bit better there needs no betterdiscord. #whatapity

  • iffy

    When is this getting implemented?? This has so many upvotes... Are Discord devs even listening?

  • DivinityUnleashed

    Also if they do add this idea, they should make it free. Making it Nitro Exclusive is just not needed.

  • CatX

    Perhaps the most frustrating part about discords refusal to add theme support is that it would require barely any effort to do so. The app is already using CSS files, adding an easy settings menu to insert new CSS files would really not take much effort or time.
    There's clearly a lot of interest in this matter, so why hasn't discord done anything yet? It's been two years since this was posted..

  • Belchan~

    discord just implement this already, it's pretty clear that this this is a heavily requested feature, and for god sakes, please don't paywall it

  • ★Lady Phoebee♪

    I might've said this before but I would absolutely never want to make it server-based
    It should be on the user end
    Like chrome themes
    Or perhaps a mix
    I can have my personal theme, but a server can also have an optional server theme


  • FlamingoTango

    I'm not interested in not-controllable themes per server, it seems unnecessarily complicated and would have a larger load.  But having a custom theme, sign me up!  Like maybe just custom CSS that can be applied to discord, or something more controlled-  like an options screen just be able to change background color of sidebar, main screen, text panel, text type/put a background on different sections with controllable translucency.   But some way to see community themes would be really nice coz people have some great ideas.


    Client-side only would be best or options that should be saved.  I mean yes it would be cool if server had different in server theming sometimes, but I would also like to turn it off if it's distracting or uncomfortable.

  • ItsZekrom

    I don't think so, Iffy. This thread has been sitting here for two years, they probably won't even consider implementing this for a long time, no matter how much we beg. Possibly if we made a petition on or something, they'd finally listen, but I have my doubts.

  • Jeff Bozos

    Yes, I feel it would be really cool if each server could be unique by changing the colors and backgrounds of your server. Administrators would have access to change the scheme and design.

  • !PuffyKinkaChu


  • Celica

    I like this idea! But I would like if the user (us) could set up our own custom backgrounds to Discord Mobile and Desktop just like Gmail and our backgrounds on Desktop and Mobile! It wouldn't be fair to all of us if the Admins/Owners of the servers set up a custom background that we don't like :(

    (And if the feature was for everyone and has all of the full features with no cost cause that would be fair for everyone!)

  • ˢᵃᵍᵉ.тнєнσяяσя

    let me iterate with a second post, since after reading all this ppls are still not understanding

    we the community of discord demand the ability to make and save local changes to css related to the appearance of discord only, we want these changes to be local, so only we the user can see them and we want to be able to share them in a way where in the options we could select them from a drop down list.

    if you cannot or do not have the ability or desire to implement this feature please say so in your response, as i will gladly take it upon myself to create a "local only" css loader for discord that includes these features.

  • ˢᵃᵍᵉ.тнєнσяяσя

    also for others wanting "access to discord" its ctrl+shift+i and i can do all the things your warning about right now as is without any special theme loader using only the default discord, any changes you make to css script in the ctrl+shift+i window, will apply instantly.

    instead we are asking for a way to make custom css themes safely, because atm we can already do this, its just a pain to manually copy and paste a custom discord gui and skin/theme pack.

    once again i would prefer to have a discord staff either explain why not considering whatever your security related concerns related to this are because as it stands those security issues still exist in the present default unedited form of discord and atleast this way, you could have some measure of control in regards to the content being effected by a css.

  • Kurone

    Please, can we have AMOLED Black theme or Darker Dark theme in general for desktop and mobile use?

  • Draconic NEO


    I agree with that, I'd also like to add that custom theming should NOT be a part of discord nitro or paid in any way, especially since it's already free using the unofficial route through Bandaged BetterDiscord, Regardless of whether or not it's safe or legal.


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