Larger custom Emoji!



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  • ArrowiceTsubasa

    Agreed, some just don't show very well and the text doesn't help either, sure you could post the emoji before or after but still a larger size would be preferable.

  • plus

    Im not sure how a larger emoji should work with the tiny reactions, but yes I want larger emoji (64 ~ 128)

    Maybe it could be separated from emoji, like a custom giphy or what some may call a stamp. That way it could be even larger.

  • MCHC

    8 months in , yet to see a reply :/

  • Agent P/A350-1000
  • Nessticle

    Devs are too busy fitting their emoji into 4 separate emoji to respond, I'll make note of it when they're finished.

  • Crawler
  • RedS
  • Myszka

    At least an option to adjust emojis size... if Devs are so scared that few pixels more would break whole chat...
    It doesn't even need a bigger file size, for example just instead of 2rem give us option to turn it to 3rem and it would look perfectly ok for me...
    Just simple setting hidden away in options menu and that's all....

  • SleepyNado

    It's crazy to think that after so long, we're still not able to adjust the emoji sizes. There's a specific software out there (not gonna name it because I don't want to get in trouble) where you can add some css code and just increase the size that way, this also works with your browser if you use that to connect to discord.

    With Emoji's getting this big on Discord, having entire Discord servers set up just for emoji's to be used by Nitro members, it's really crazy to think that none of the devs responded to this. Even if they were to make it a Nitro perk at this point, I really wouldn't care. It's simply not fun to send an emoji anymore just to have the person on the receiving end squeeze their eyes or open it in the browser to right click and open in a new tab to see what it looks like.

    Devs please, we want answers! D:


    -edit: My apologies for the rude rant I posted. I'll leave it there since it gets the point across, it's just a bit rude :c 

  • CearDragon

    They are pointless in their current state. please help, please embiggen 


    10 875 votes and there isn't even a response yet...

  • almostsuspense
    yes! i want this!
  • Amnesiac

    up up up up up

  • Wed Pamda
    omg great idea :D
  • Soushi

    Discord plz, it's been 10 months and almost 11k people.

  • Squarto

    I don’t like this idea at all.

  • argent_

    Hard upvote. Twitch emotes are, I think, 50% larger and it's a night and day difference, I feel. I have sooo many emotes I can barely see (on desktop; mobile is a little, I guess because of the larger PPI), and most custom ones become mere smudges as reactions. So pleeeaaaseee...

  • TheAbonimater
    MercuryDoll: "Definitely would want clientside zoom on emojis, reactions too."
    Tis sound like a great idea like the setting to change the text size but than for emojis, so you can chose how big the are so everyone is happy!!
  • Sieron The Little Fox

    Badly need at least a 2x increase in Emoji Size.
    As stated before, make the small emojis the wumboji size, and make the wumboji sized emojis mega-wumboji size. Or... the double in size, at least. 64x64 instead of 32x32.
    If you like to keep them at those 32x32, then at least make an option to increase the size.
    Holding down CTRL and pressing + may zoom in, but it doesn't help with the emoji size issue.
    (For those just now trying out the CTRL and +, you can use CTRL and - to zoom out again, or CTRL and 0 to reset the size to default)

    Hope this gets looked upon, and accepted by the Discord team..

  • Yeehaw Cat

    This would be awesome, I've always felt like I've never had enough ':big_eyes:' in my life. 

  • charitwo
    Yes, please.
  • Manstie

    Right click your emoji and go copy link and paste it to see a larger version (if the resolution of the upload was larger) currently.


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