Make the time format 24hr time clock



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  • Comentário oficial

    For English speakers, changing the locale to English, UK will give you a 24h clock format instead of the 12.

  • StefanoCecere

    absolutely essential (at least here in Europe) and easy to deploy.. pleaseee

  • Sonicwave

    I think some languages automatically display 24h time instead of 12h (e.g. US English displays 12h, while British displays 24h), but I totally agree that it would make much more sense for it to just be its own setting.

  • StefanoCecere

    ahh you are right.. i moved from english US to english UK, and now i have 24h hours!

    agree, would be huge to have a separate config just for the time 12 or 24h

  • D

    If you set your language to english UK, you'll get the 24 hour time format. 

  • Tiny Enderman

    It works (setting language to english UK), but if you live in the US, your date format is different. I'd rather have a toggle for 12hr and 24hr.

  • Permanently deleted user

    24-hour timestamps aren't really a standard. If you look as most timestamps on major apps (Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Outlook, Gmail, the list goes on....), they all use 12-hour time by default. Plus, I've personally never seem AM used in timestamps to represent after midnight or at noon (and they wouldn't make sense either? "8:00 at noon"?).

  • Ralesk

    AM means ante meridiem — before noon.  Not "at noon".

  • Dimon485

    But why I see AM/PM in Russia???

  • tristan

    I have my language to UK for the 24 hour time format, but I'm not used to the different date format (DD/MM/YY). Since I'm NA garbage, I'm used to the format MM/DD/YY so a toggle for 24 hour time would be pretty cool

  • Deno M

    It should pull from the system settings.

    Windows, Android etc all have settings for time display preference that the app can pull from.

  • David_ASharp

    iOS has a time format setting that you’re ignoring. Please show 24-hour time like the rest of the apps do.

  • nitchbigga

    I can't believe this hasn't been added yet. I use US English but universal time format anywhere possible and I'm pretty sure a huge portion of users also do the same.

  • MasicoreLord

    It would also make a good toggle for Americans, as it's typically used for the military to tell time (hence the name of military time in the states).  I agree w/ this suggestion!

  • happy5214

    Switching everything to British English is not the answer for American users. A separate 24-hour clock setting is a must! Long dates (e.g. April 23, 2019) would be a nice setting too.

  • chriztr

    For some reason it now shows my native language for time and 24h even when I've set my discord app to Eng (US) on my Android phone.
    Guys, it's fine that it's pulling that information from the system of the device, but I liked to have it display everything in English with 12h clock, even though I have everything else on my phone set to 24h.

  • BillyGalbreath

    @D, so what you're saying is to get 24 hour clock us Americans have to use the UK date? Either a messed up time or a messed up date... Nice.

  • Twilazs

    Why is that the official response instead of just adding an on/off switch?

  • felice

    -- Edit: Adding in a copy of post I've made near the current end of this thread:


    ATTENTION: Anyone who has previously posted on this 12/24h clock request thread, to no avail:

    I suggest you go look at the request I posted here, and if you agree, give it an upvote in hopes of getting some devs' eyes on the problem that's keeping this thread from getting anything done, despite all of the upvotes:


    -- I'll leave my original response here for posterity:

    Are you kidding me? The official response to a request for an option that exists in any decent UI is to pretend I'm in a different country?

  • okänd

    I’ve had Discord set to UK English for as long as I can remember and suddenly today I noticed the time stamps and dates change to being 12 hour and mm/dd/yy.

    Changing to US English and back again didn’t do anything. They both look the same.


    Edit: I think this might be something outside of Discord and more with iOS. Changing the app to Swedish made everything except the time stamps change. They were still 12 hour, mm/dd/yy and showed the names of the days in English.

    Edit2: The latest update to Discord seems to also be involved in this. I launched it on my iPad both before and after updating and the time stamps changed style between the versions.

  • Twilazs

    oo now this would be a good time to fix it once and for all with accidentally breaking the time format in the newest iOS update

  • S0und

    We get all kind of useless features but this is still not addressed? It's so easy so see if the app is developed my American:

    • Step 1: the app doesn't support any characters beyond ANSI
    • Step 2: hardcoded AM/PM time format.


    Don't believe me?

    Let's take one of the comment in this thread:

    "24-hour timestamps aren't really a standard. If you look as most timestamps on major apps (Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Outlook, Gmail, the list goes on....)"

    All these are dumb american companies.


    Look at all these reasonable countries with they 24h time format and probably they metric system. But then again, i don't care what you use, allow me to use my own.


    • Add to Phrasebook
      • No word lists for German -> Hungarian...
      • Create a new word list...
    • Copy
  • extraneousTriptych

    in the latest discord ios update the 24-hour format has been turned off somehow, and ignores system preferences. i agree with @Twilazs that fixing this would be a good opportunity to create a switch so people can choose between 12-hour and 12-hour, instead of the official response being "oh just pretend you're in a different country :)"

    edit: ive tried switching from uk to us english and back, even tried dutch, none of it worked. please do something about this.

  • okänd

    This is a wide iOS issue too. Apples guidelines insist apps should auto detect which language it should be based on system language.

    Typical assumption by someone monolingual. It is reasonable to default to the system language on first launch but please make it configurable everywhere.

  • Kygun

    Still no 24-hour time, huh? Also, if (and hopefully when) this feature is added, please make it a separate on-off toggle switch or something of the sort. I do not wish to use the English, UK setting and would prefer to have 24-hour time regardless of the client's language. My client is in Japanese (but still has a 12 hour system!). This is a pretty standard feature; I hope to see it added soon. 

  • MrLee

    Please add toggles for time format and date format. 

    I don't necessarily want it to default to the language I am using or the default format of the display language I am using in discord. (For somewhat weird reasons). It seems like a pretty basic option to include.

  • MrBl00

    24h and date format options is a basic feature that all "serious" apps have. If they do not, they should at least default to ISO standards by default.

    And looking at the official response; even that doesn't work anyhow.

  • GoDlike

    Seriously there should be a law in EU that forces lazy developers to use normal 24h format instead of some weird shit Americans use and they forces use to use their stupid crap.

  • willdanneriv (6) LC SER

    @GoDlike alot of Americans use the 24h format. Pretty much all of US law enforcement agencies and the military. I have used 24h format for as long as I can remember as I feel it's a better time format to use. So just know a percentage of Americans want this option also.

  • Game Salamander

    The ability to toggle a 24 hour clock would be very appreciated.


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