Show a timestamp for each individual message



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  • ._.

    This is shown in compact mode.

  • Nalukai

    I'd really like to see this added to all modes, not just compact!

  • Tilden

    Was this removed from compact mode? On desktop I can see a single message's timestamp on hover, but there's no always-visible timestamp setting. And on mobile I can't see individual timestamps at all!

  • Syncops

    But it will make a little repetitive and bad looking because we may want to show 2 separated message like in some servers registration that we need to separate because of the reactions

  • Dominik Korsa

    I think the timestamps could show up upon hovering the individual message

  • nextworldover

    I would love a hybrid between cozy and compact - show their avatar, but also show per-message timestamps. On hover would be fine!

  • Gelynn

    Time stamps used to show up when hovering, but currently this doesn't show up for me in Cozy mode. 

    Also, I agree with "nextworldover." Having a mini avvy with time stamps would be nice. I'd be even happier if I could collapse the side tabs entirely. I miss MSN, when I could have tabs like in a browser. Why does Discord like things so big and bulky? The Bizzard app, which I never use, is much more user friendly. I'd use it, but nearly all of my games are on Steam, and I quit WoW for now.

  • Zarric

    Would like this shown in the cozy mode too, an option to allow time stamps across -all- messages in some way while hovering over a message.

    I like cozy, but I dislike having a wall of text within an hour time frame with only the initial message displaying the time. We used to have cozy mode with hovering time stamps, but then that was changed. I've dislike this change ever since and fully support adding it back.

  • Unknow0059

    I would like to add the following point:

    In Cozy mode, when searching for an older message, only the date appears next to the user's nickname. No time.

    In Compact, when doing the same, only the time appears. You would have to scroll back to the beginning of that day to get the date.

    I suggest that datetime be shown completely for older messages.

  • charitwo
    Doesn't it kind of already do this in a way if the messages are sent in the same minute?
  • Zarric

    Okay here's an example of what I want to see.
    I want to see the time stamps in some way in Cozy mode, for EVERY message made so I know when it was exactly. Typing a lot without being interrupted, over several minutes just leaves a giant wall stating you sent the 1st message at X time. I want to know if the next message was 2 minutes later or 30 and not just the initial time stamp.

    In the following you can see there's multiple messages sent without being interrupted, by the add emoji/edit functions on the right of said messages.

    Cozy mode of a section of my own message.

    Compact mode with the same text, but thanks to Compact mode I know the exact times for each individual message.

  • dimden

    It have been done in this update, but now Discord looks very ugly :(

  • cinemaca

    4 me it is ok! THX is another way - works, look creepy but ok

  • stayselected

    Consider upvoting this basic moderation feature:

  • Thorben

    Yes, at least optional in the settings, maybe under something like "advanced settings".

  • B3L13V3R

    Yes... optional... but important for admins to moderate fully.

  • Thife (Thiago Ferreira)

    Just found out that it's only available on "cozy" mode of appearence. #fail

  • YotaXP

    Timestamps for individual messages are available in both compact and cozy views of the desktop/browser client. They'll appear on the left when you hover over the message. Hovering over the timestamp will show the full date in a tooltip.

  • Cos

    Hover is not nearly as useful as just showing it. It takes a lot of time and energy to hover over every message, rather than just seeing everything at a glance.  Plus, you may not necessarily realize that some messages are a few minutes apart and just assume they were all sent at the same time, so you won't even know to hover and look.

    Please please make it possible to have a timestamp shown for every message.


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