Wishlist for Game Store


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  • ShowMeASmile

    This is a wonderful idea and should be implemented as soon as possible!

  • ruthanium

    Agreed! This is a standard feature in most other storefronts, so it'd be welcome here.

  • Driven

    Was about to make a post about this when I saw your post.  Hope the devs add this! :D

  • Chalky

    It would be cool if you could go on a profile and see what games they want so you could possibly treat them

  • Arix

    It's easier right now to just go back to Steam and save everything there. This needs to happen; sales are being lost :(

  • HallowHugs

    I agree with it being a standard thing, also can be implemented seamlessly with discord's social features if done well.

  • donwilkinsonUX

    Absolutely agree, this is a must have game store feature. It drives sales by letting us keep track of the games we want.

  • Saluki

    I was about to suggest this on the feedback server, but then I saw this. I would really love it if this was implemented and it would make me use the Discord store more often because of how I like to buy games - add a load to my wishlist then buy the best.

  • Murfey

    I would love this!

  • Paktric

    Yes please!!! There are so many great titles out there so my wishlist often acts as my queue-to-buy. Also helpful when you want to surprise your friends with a nice gift! And I'm sure a privacy option for public/private wishlist would be a nice feature as well.

  • PrinceDuck

    Yes! Wishlists are so helpful. I would love discord to add this on the store

  • RSNN

    I want this, big time, since even if the game's on Steam, it might be cheaper on Discord's shop.

  • Doggo

    one thing that would also be an add on to this, is you get a game for your account's cake day, like if you put something on your wish list then you will get one of those games for your cake day

  • Bernd

    Great idea +1


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