Switch between edited messages


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  • Livalia

    It is true that this can be useful as a feature, but we have the mouse to go back to the old message.

    To see ...

  • Andret

    I know we have the mouse, but also possibility to edit last message using keyboard.

    Motivation of my idea was fact, that lot of discord users are programmers, so they mostly don't use mouse. I can switch between servers and channels using keyboard, and need of use mouse to do one certain thing, that on fact is kind a useful, is just annoying. Not so much, but getting rid of mouse can speed up daily usage of discord.

    Am I wrong?

  • Livalia

    Indeed, you are right. It's finally a good idea! I am voting for!

  • PegLegPete

    Totally agree, hate having to use the mouse if not needed.  Up press to enter edit mode is great but if it's a typo you spotted a couple messages back, mouse is only way.  Plus click that edit popup button is annoying since it moves with mouse and I often click the wrong message.  

    Would be great if they also let you ctrl+click, alt+click, dbl-click, anything to edit a messages instead of hunting for that floating button.


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