Display when a user last opened a server


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  • nef

    Use the prune method.


    But prune is only be used for people not having posted anything, right?
    I indeed also wanna have the option to see if people have been in the server at all.
    Maybe they are online now and then during the night. Maybe they do read all messages in it.
    Just by not posting doesn't mean they're not there.
    Although I prefer kicking people by not having posted, I can also contact people if they didn't post for long but are 'active' in the server quite often without me seeing them.

  • Electrikatty

    Like FEARIV said, I got lots of people who are always viewing, but not very chatty, and that’s fine for what I’m using it for. And the pruning method only works when people don’t have roles, and everyone in my server has roles.


    Like Electrikatty said, indeed also only for members without roles. This has been requested already to be able to prune those with roles too. But "always viewing" is hard to say, since logged-in people appear online in all servers they're in without actually visiting them. A way to seperately see this would be nice indeed. Ways to kick people à la Discord is very limited...


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